Over the course of my programming life, I have written some form of blog in perl, then php, then in a framework of php, then ruby on rails, and now Django.

The real purpose of this site is to get an understanding of every component that goes into a blog. This is without a doubt the best one I’ve ever written, but the same could be said about each of the ones I built before at that time.

This website is built in Django, where I currently build most of my applications now.

In addition to the building of the blog, I decided that it is time for me to write some of my technical thoughts down.

Yes I like to share, discuss, and debate many technological things, however another purpose of this site is to store my docs so that I can grab them anywhere. Not real big things or private things, but things like, a step by step on server setup, so that I can copy paste my long apt-get install command, without trying to remember it from memory.

This serves that purpose well.

This blog is obviously not complete. I will finish it over time, but it does share the same code with another website, so any improvements will reflect on both.