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Was attempting to compile e-text editor on ubuntu 9.10 (yea yea, I know… my right to complain about broken packages disappears since its alpha) just to try it out, but had a sick number of errors ranging from “Cannot compile wxWidgets” to “Cannot compile WebKit”.

Finally, after trying multiple ways of compiling wxWidgets, I figured out the real error was

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Thanks to gwydion I got my xorg.conf to finally work in Ubunutu 9.04 Jaunty. I was having problems where when I boot into ubuntu, I didn’t even get a login screen, it just froze at a black screen after boot up with a few artifacts of color here and there. Took many, many hours trying to finding this solution. I ended up being able to use the proprietary driver fglrx when all was said and done, instead of having to use vesa.

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Added another shortcut… I had a config variable in my settings_local file to specify where the media folder was in order to have django static serve it.

This is much easier.

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A common problem I have had is that too much work was required when I needed to deploy my django project, or if i needed to work on the project on another computer. Subversion has been my friend, but part of the problem is the necessary local settings in each of the projects. In addition to the overall structure between all my projects, I have developed a few tricks to make handling things inside of a project much easier.

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Over the course of my web development life, I have changed my work flow and directory structure many times. Each time gets a little bit better, but I doubt I will ever finish modifying it, as I am always learning new techniques. I am presently using Django in all of my projects, both at work and as a hobby. Django’s ability to easily reuse applications has mad me change my directory structure several time.

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